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We take circular economy from strategy to action

Through knowledge sharing, design methodology, innovation labs and pilots we discover, test and realize new ideas.

We are on a mission to take circular economy from strategy to action. We activate your circular business opportunities, and connect you with people and companies that will help you succeed. Using the right set of tools we release creativity and raise awareness of solutions that are already out there waiting for you. We then help you to transform your visions and ideas into profitable and sustainable business.


What we do

Action through a three-step model

As believers of a circular future we are eager to get things going – therefore we have developed a three-step model. Wherever you are in the process, we can support your journey towards circularity.

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Join our digital ecosystem to stay up to date on the latest development in circular business models.

Get inspired by case studies, take part of the latest circular launches and growth company solutions, and most importantly – connect with other Nordic circular enthusiasts. 

Before innovating explore the market for opportunities, potential partners and powerful ideas, in both corporate and growth companies. Join here!


We are convinced that experimenting and exploring in new constellations gives you a creative injection and helps you find innovative solutions. 

With the best parties gathered at the table, it’s time to get going. We call it LOOP labs, our playground for enabling and exploring the possibilities of circularity.

LOOP labs enable unexpected meetings and provide an effective way to try many different solutions, ideas and possible partnerships in the Nordics.


Now it is time to realise the ideas and visions from the labs through pilot projects. This is what we love the most. We design, develop and validate the ideas with your customers. Using agile methods and identified potential in the company’s ecosystem, we learn and get valuable insights early on in the process. By setting goals and follow-up results along the way we ensure that the business is scalable and that you reach your targets. 

The pilot often involves collaboration between several different parties. Within LOOP, we support you in setting up the right structure around the partnership for the new venture.

Stories & Events

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Partners on board with LOOP

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About us

We are a group of Nordic creatives and business developers who are passionate and optimistic about making companies go circular.

We believe in a sustainable, circular future. A system where ideas and visions turn into reality. And we know how to get there. We’ve gathered a group of Nordic creatives and business developers – all passionate and optimistic about making companies go circular. 

LOOP was first founded in 2018 as a cooperation between Verona Growth (former Avanto Ventures), Sitra and Nordic Innovation. Since then, the network has developed and expanded to further accelerate the transition towards a circular future. Today LOOP includes a bunch of experts in business development, service and digital design, venture building and circular design. All united in the belief in acting instead of talking.

Startup Norway is a private impact organization started in 2011 by passionate entrepreneurs, wanting to create a stronger and more inclusive startup community.

Agens is a mix of designers, developers and creatives who turn ideas into products and experiences that people enjoy by teaming up with startups and leading brands.

Nordic Innovation is an organization under the Nordic Council of Ministers, working to promote entrepreneurship, innovation and competitiveness in Nordic business.

Startup Iceland builds a sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem through inspiration, networks and resources for founders

Verona Growth (former Avanto Ventures) works with renewal and collaborative innovation. We discover new businesses and renew existing ones by helping companies work with and like startups.

Sitra is Finland’s fund for the future. Our aim is a Finland that succeeds as a pioneer in sustainable well-being. We collaborate with partners to research, trial and implement bold new ideas that shape the future.

Antrop is an award winning service and UX design agency driven by creating a better and more sustainable future.

So, why Nordic? Well, the Nordics are a perfect playground for exploration of unobvious solutions. With a strong culture of collaboration and a large pool of active startups and circular economy solutions we have the perfect conditions for innovation. The Nordic countries are relatively small players compared to many others. But as a region, we can make significant contributions to global climate work. By sharing learnings and solutions across borders and between similar markets we can increase our capacity and inspire others to follow. 

Join Us

We make circular happen – together

Join LOOP to

  • Explore circular business models and go from idea to action
  • Map your circular ecosystem and find new partners
  • Design a circular service based on the needs of customers and the planet
  • Carry out pilot projects and scale up circular solutions
  • Elevate your circular economy initiatives to a Nordic level
  • Identify and transform unused resources into new circular opportunities


We’re constantly looking for new circular challenges. Leave us a note if you’re curious about exploring new collaborations and business opportunities.

LOOP is for all kinds of businesses – whether you produce products, deliver services, have decades of experience or are a start-up. The only thing required is a will to embark on an adventure of exploring the business of tomorrow. Leave us a note if you want to know more.

We can’t achieve a circular economy on our own. It requires partnership between companies and thought leaders. Join us on the journey towards business models that lasts.

Curious for more? Join us! We’re constantly looking for new partners.

Meet the LOOP team

Moona Pohjola
Verona Growth (FI)

Anu Pousi
Verona Growth (FI)

Jenni Uusitalo
Verona Growth (FI)

Marthe Haugland
Nordic Innovation

Erik Hammarström
Antrop (SE)

Maria Klint
Antrop (SE)

Virginia Vegas
Startup Norway (NO)

Verineia Codrean
Startup Norway (NO)

Bala Kamallakharan
Startup Iceland (IS)

Peter Lizamore
Agens (NO)

Jan-Ove Kjondal
Agens (NO)