Let’s build circularity into the e-commerce boom!

E-commerce is growing at a staggering rate and revenues are expected to double during the next 
10 years. Now is the time to bring circular economy into the e-commerce ecosystem.

Circular economy requires system changes, new ideas and new partnerships. In collaboration with actors that have the power to impact the transformation, we want to explore how this can enhance your business and we will support you to go from vision to concrete action. Join us in a Nordic LOOP Lab 
split into two creative sessions 
focusing on action!


Two (free of charge) digital workshops based on design thinking methodology. Our team will facilitate and the session does not require any preparations from you. We only expect you to bring and share your own insights and experiences.


You are a Nordic professional excited to explore business with circular solutions. Maybe you are responsible for digital or business development, marketing, or sustainability and working within logistics, packaging, e-commerce players, marketplaces.

We are LOOP, a network of Nordic experts in business development, service and digital design, venture building, and circular design. LOOP was founded by Avanto Ventures, Sitra, and Nordic Innovation and is a cooperation between Antrop (SE), Avanto (FI), Agens (NO), Startup Norway (NO), and ArtRebels (DK)


1st December 2020, 9:00 to 12:00 CET


8th December 2020, 9:00 to 10:30 CET


For you to get inspired to take action and start collaborating with the necessary actors to go from strategy to action with circular solutions.

Maria Klint

Service Designer at Antrop maria.klint@antrop.se

Peter Lizamore

Head of Ventures at Agens peter.lizamore@agens.no

Linda Glad

Sustainability Designer at Antrop linda.glad@antrop.se

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