Arkipakkaus – Everyday necessities and recycling in one package

Arkipakkaus - Everyday necessities and recycling in one package

A Loop Venture called Arkipakkaus was formed together with Kesko, Unilever Finland, Metsä Tissue, Encore Ympäristöpalvelut, Enexus and Orthex. Arkipakkaus was a pilot for monthly subscription model to buying everyday necessities such as toilet paper and detergents. The model included delivery of the products and take out for the plastic waste. The pilot was organized in May and June 2019.  

Mission behind the Arkipakkaus concept was to make consumers’ every day life easier with a new kind of service. We know that there is a will to recycle plastic waste amongst consumers but the way to do it in practice isn’t easy enough. We wanted to make recycling more approachable and convenient by combining it with subscription model of everyday items. This kind of business model requires collaboration across traditional borders. These companies were ready to create a circular loop which opens doors to create new innovative ventures. 

This venture is an excellent example of collaboration between big corporations. Kesko provided the subscription model, Metsä Tissue and Unilever the sustainable products. Encore Ympäristöpalvelut and Enexus were the ones organizing the take out for the waste and Orthex gave a second life for the plastic packages. Facilitating and testing a new business model isn’t always a piece of cake but in this case seamless teamwork enabled fantastic results. 

To sum up, this pilot was a success and it indeed motivated consumers to recycle more than before. Arkipakkaus was a great opportunity to learn about new service models catering several consumer needs as well as corporations’ collaboration. Circular loop with a wide variety of companies can make a difference! 

Meet for Circular Business!

Meet for Circular Business!

World Circular Economy Forum will be arranged in Helsinki 3.-5.6.2019 and Loop will organize a side event where you can hear interesting cases on how to build circular economy business and network around the topic.

Consumers are requesting companies to be sustainable and move towards circular economy. This puts pressure on corporations but also opens up possibilities to engage consumers in building new business models. How have for example MUD Jeans and Fjong built their business around consumers willingness to participate in circular economy business models? Come and hear real-life stories from those who have already started and spar with our venturing experts on how to get started yourself.

LOOP Ventures’ side event will be held in Helsinki, Finland on June 5th at 2PM.

Go ahead and reserve a seat to the event here.

See you in June!


When and where?

LOOP Ventures WCEF side event

June 5th, 2:00pm – 5:00pm Helsinki, Finland Avanto Ventures Office, Mechelininkatu 3D


Meet for Circular Business!

Meet for Circular Business!

We have been working hard for the past year, building new ventures and finding new friends around circularity. We have met a lot of you along the way and would like to invite you to a special meet up to connect with everyone else, too! LOOP Ventures’ first co-working event will be hosted in Helsinki, Finland on April 10th at 1PM. You will get the chance to hear the latest business development in circular business with concrete cases and meet other experts on the field. We will update you soon on agenda and location, but you can go ahead and already reserve a seat to the event here. See you in April!  

When and where?

LOOP Ventures meetup

April 10th, 1:00pm – 6:00pm Helsinki, Finland Location TBA