Revolutionary collaboration to change the apparel industry

Circular solutions can’t be built alone. New types of collaborations and out of the box thinking is needed to change the traditional, non-sustainable consumption patterns. The fashion industry emits more carbon than international flights and maritime shipping combined.

LOOP Webinar 29th May: Revolutionary collaboration to change the apparel industry

Key note case: Bergans and Spinnova

Spinnova, the sustainable fibre company, and the sustainable outdoor brand Bergans launched the Collection of Tomorrow, a fully circular, subscription-based takeback and reuse concept that’s revolutionary in the apparel industry. The collection’s first prototype product is a highly sustainable design backpack. Lotta Kopra from Spinnova and Yngvill Ofstad from Bergans share the learnings so far from the collaboration in creating a fully circular fashion concept.

Today’s exceptional times are raising the circular economy’s relevance. To share learnings on how to move into circularity in practise, LOOP is launching a Nordic webinar series on circular case studies. Our concrete cases from circular pioneers such as Volvo, Fiskars and Bergans will focus on hands-on venturing, lean piloting, collaborations and present new solutions raising from circularity. We promise a hands-on approach with many concrete learnings. Short and snappy, 30 minutes per webinar.

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