Piloting circular materials in manufacturing industry

Circularity means rethinking use of materials. We are used to taking virgin materials and their high quality for granted. In our webinar we present two angels for recycled materials: how does a premium car manufacturer approach use of recycled plastics? What kind of new business opportunities does replacing plastics offer in the construction industry?

LOOP Webinar 4th June: Piloting circular materials in manufacturing industry

Keynote case: Volvo Cars recycled plastics demo car

Volvo Cars’ ambition is that at least 25% of all plastics in cars launched after 2025 will be made from recycled material. It’s an ambitious goal for a premium automotive manufacturer and can’t be done overnight. To understand better how to make it without compromising on quality and design, Volvo decided to build a pilot car of the XC60 T8 plug-in hybrid. How did the project go and what did Volvo learn from this pilot? Sandra Tostar from Volvo Cars will share the insights with us.


Today’s exceptional times are raising the circular economy’s relevance. To share learnings on how to move into circularity in practise, LOOP is launching a Nordic webinar series on circular case studies. Our concrete cases from circular pioneers such as Volvo, Fiskars and Bergans will focus on hands-on venturing, lean piloting, collaborations and present new solutions raising from circularity. We promise a hands-on approach with many concrete learnings. Short and snappy, 30 minutes per webinar.

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