Bringing the Nordics Into a Circular Economy

The Nordics are outperforming the rest of the world when it comes to the Global Sustainability Goals (SDGs). The region enjoys low poverty rates, a healthy and educated population and leads gender-equality rankings year-on-year. However, high living standards leaves the region as a laggard when it comes to responsible consumption and production.
There is a dire need for new smart business models that reduce both waste and emissions.
Nordic Innovation’s vision is for the region to be a pioneer in sustainable solutions. We work closely with businesses and research institutions to enable innovation, encourage entrepreneurship and enhance competitiveness in the Nordics. Each of the Nordic countries have unique strengths and weaknesses. We know that through cooperation on a regional level, synergies and solutions that otherwise would not have come to life are born. We therefore believe that the way to a circular economy will be faster through Nordic cooperation.

LOOP and Nordic Circular Solutions

Nordic Innovation has initiated a new programme that will promote and increase circular solutions. Named Nordic Sustainable Business Transformation, it targets business in particular as we believe they are key in solving the issues at hand. We believe the LOOP accelerator is the perfect tool to create a Nordic ecosystem for businesses wanting to contribute to a circular economy.
As companies bring forward their challenges and  are matched with possible solutions and ideas from dynamic Nordic start-ups and other actors in the ecosystem, we expect to see real impact.
It’s great to cooperate with SITRA and Avanto Ventures, as well as the other partners. It’s no secret that Finland is ahead of other Nordic countries when it comes to the circular economy.  We hope this collaboration will further strengthen the Nordics as a sustainable and competitive region. This is Team Nordic Innovation: