Blue Green Algae Harvester Innovation Call is open

Do you have a solution for blue green algae harvesting?

The company Origin by Ocean is in the marine biomass refinement business and the foundation of Origin by Ocean resides in the idea of creating value from an environmental problem which originates in the eutrophication of our waters.

Origin by Oceans vision is to provide cleaner waters, cleaner seas and cleaner life and the first environmental problem they want to help solve is the eutrophication of our waters. Their way of resolving this environmental problem is based upon a completely new value stream, enabled by the sustainable use of marine biomass as raw-material in their neo-ecology biorefinery plant.

Problem to be solved

The root cause to the eutrophication in our waters is more or less the same regardless of what water system we are looking at. Nutrients such as Phosphorus and Nitrogen are transported to the water systems with rain and floods. Often these excess nutrients come from our agricultural activities and the use of artificial fertilizers. This results in a continuous spiral of an ever-increasing amount of nutrients in our waters and the result is extensive Blue Green algae blooms.

Currently we have extensive algae blooms’ in the Baltic Sea, Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans every season. Specifically looking at the Baltic sea, we notice that the native Bladderwrack seaweed amount is decreasing due to turbid waters and increasing amounts of Blue Green algae. This again results in a situation where the Bladderwrack amount yet again is depleted and the Blue Green algae amount increases, year by year. This spiral will continue beyond the tipping point of no return, unless we are able to start collecting some of the surplus nutrients in the water systems.

Origin by Ocean is now in search of systems, solutions or methods that to help them solve this problem and for this purpose they have launched the Blue Green Algae Harvester Innovation Call. Read more here.